Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ad Agency Internships in OKC

Ackerman McQueen has several internships available to students during the
fall, spring and summer. To apply, students should email a cover letter and
resume to Jennifer Heck at Jennifer-Heck@am.com in PDF or Word format;
including GPA, planned graduation date and areas of interest. AM
internships are unpaid and for course credit only. Students must be eligible
to receive course credit. Students in graduate college will be considered as
long as they can receive course credit.

We will contact students for an interview after reviewing their cover letter,
resume and, if required, a portfolio. We will stop taking resumes when all
internship positions have been filled, or until the last day of enrollment for
the semester for which the student is applying.

There is a level of responsibility, integrity and confidentiality expected of all
AM employees and interns. We encourage interns to take their internships
seriously as this is also an extended interview. The quality of the experience
is dependent on the intern’s interest, dedication and assertiveness.

Copywriting or Creative Services internship applicants:
If applying for a position in Copywriting or Creative Services, the student
should prepare a portfolio of their best work to‐date as a leave‐behind.
Students who do not send in a Creative or Writing portfolio will not be
considered for these internships.

Included are the descriptions for potential internships: Copywriting,
Creative Services, Marketing, Account Services, Interactive, Broadcast
Production, Audio Production, Media and Rotating.

Up to 2 positions are available. Portfolio required with application.
Working in the Creative Services department, you will have hands‐on
experience with proofing ads, copy preparation, photography or stock image
searches, copywriting, working with and assisting professional copywriters,
and miscellaneous duties in terms of posting and distributing items within
our system, and following up on questions with account teams – i.e., Account
Executives, Creative Directors, etc.

Please prepare a portfolio of several examples of your writing to leave
with us and include your resume and cover letter.

Up to 2 positions are available. Portfolio required with application.
Graphic Design and Advertising students welcome to apply.

In Creative Services, you will have hands‐on experience with various client
and agency projects, creating a layout and mechanical, applying client
feedback to each job/project, occasional transcription, finding/selecting
images for ads, learn how the artists and team operate, project management,
assisting any Creative Services personnel as needed and much more. This is
a fast‐paced environment with quick deadlines and particular client needs.
Your experience is only limited by your assertiveness and dedication.

Please prepare a portfolio to leave with us and include your resume
and cover letter.

One position is available.
Ackerman McQueen’s Marketing Department has several aspects
and students will learn a variety of marketing related tasks during their time
with us. Primarily, students will have hands‐on experience in conducting
and analyzing both secondary and primary research, including tabulating
data, creating PowerPoint presentations, formatting questionnaires,
observing and analyzing focus groups, conducting background research,
competitive analysis, working with Media on competitive spending,
developing preliminary positioning and client interaction. This can be an
intense environment with quick deadlines and volumes of work.

One position is available.
In Account Services, you will have hands‐on experience with
researching/writing job tickets (aka creative briefs), assisting with phone
calls, taking accurate messages from clients, attending photoshoots,
coordinating traffic for on‐air commercials, organizing/distributing/filing
invoices, preparing presentation materials, preparing for agency and client
meetings, assisting Account Executives as needed and much more. You will
learn how Account Executives coordinate projects (internally and
externally) to meet the client’s objectives and strategies. This environment is
stressful and fast‐paced. You are expected to be polite and well dressed at all
times, due to the nature of clients calling and/or arriving for meetings and
unexpected drop‐ins.

Up to 2 positions are available.
Ackerman McQueen’s Interactive Department provides all interactive needs
required by the agency. Primarily, the Interactive Department works
on various projects from multimedia web portals, full corporate websites
and microsites to HTML email templates. On the creative side, they use the
Adobe Design Suite and Web Suite IE: Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, Flash
and DreamWeaver. On the development side, they code in Flash, HTML,
Javascript, AJAX and pretty much all the hot new Web 2.0 technologies. They
are willing to teach, but wish to have highly motivated students with a
graphic design background who are interested in developing themselves in
multimedia/interactive. The Interactive Department can be an intense
environment with quick deadlines and volumes of work.

Up to 2 positions are available.
The Broadcast Production department produces, edits and dubs all visual
(and some audio) aspects of making television commercials. Hands‐on
experience will include AVID technology, Final Cut Pro, DVD authoring, tape
duplication (D‐Beta, Beta, and VHS), watching reels from internationallyacclaimed
directors, sitting in on production meetings, assisting editors and
much more. This can be an intense environment with quick deadlines and
volumes of work. This can also be a very fun, active department and we are
proud of the work we do for our clients and the experience we provide our

Up to 2 positions are available.
Ackerman McQueen’s Golden Voice is the in‐house recording facility that
provides all audio needs required by the agency. Golden Voice offers
internships for highly motivated students interested in pursuing careers in
audio post production. An internship in Golden Voice is an opportunity to
work with a talented team of artists and other professionals who do
incredible creative work in an atmosphere that is both dynamic and highly
collaborative. Students will gain hands‐on experience with audio recording,
editing, mixing theories and techniques, labeling, dubbing, shipping,
archiving materials, assisting in music searches and original compositions,
overall post‐production workflow, music and SFX library management and
much more.

Up to 2 positions are available.
The Media Department has several aspects and you will have a variety of
responsibilities during your time with us. You will have hands‐on experience
with buying software such as Smart‐Plus and Ad Aid, planning/reference
materials such as Nielsen TV books, SRDS, Lifestyle books, using media kits,
properly targeting audiences/demographics, Search Engine Marketing and
much more. This can be a fast pace environment with quick deadlines where
accuracy is key. It is possible that you will assist with any or all stages of the
media planning & buying process: from drafting competitive analyses to
assisting buyers gather information. You should be comfortable calculating
basic statistics, percentages and 15% commission. You should also have
down the basics of working within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and
Microsoft PowerPoint.

Up to 5 positions are available.
Students rotate through five departments over the term – Account Services,
Media, Creative Services/Traffic, Broadcast Production and Audio
Production. You will have light hands‐on experience in each department as well as the opportunity to observe, work with professionals and make contacts for future reference. A rotating internship can offer insight into the agency environment and can be a valuable experience as you strive to identify your own areas of interest. You may apply for additional internships in a particular department once you’ve completed a rotating internship, should you find an area that interests you.

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