Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Very Interesting Internship in Stillwater - Paid

Increasing the 2010 Census Response Rate
A City of Stillwater Internship Position

Working together, the City of Stillwater and the Chamber of Commerce are seeking an intern, or interns, to lead an effort to increase the response rate to the 2010 census. The goal is increase the number of individuals who complete the census in order to achieve a population of 50,001. Because of the large number of students, college communities have historically been undercounted. There is strong evidence that this has occurred for Stillwater. Achieving a population of 50,001 will bring a variety of positive benefits to our community.

The Project
A strategic plan for increasing the response has been provided to the City of Stillwater by a marketing research firm. The intern will work closely with the Office of the Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce to implement the plan. The major focus of the plan is to employ various marketing and public relations tactics to influence OSU students to complete the 2010 census forms. Similar plans have been successful in other college communities.

The Timeline
The Mayor would like to have the project begin as quickly as possible. It will continue through the end of the Spring semester of 2010.

Funding will be available to support the intern. In addition, course credit may be available as well.

Contact Person
The initial contact person is Professor John Mowen in the Spears School of Business (john.mowen@okstate.edu; 405-744-5112). He will provide you will additional information on the project, as well as a copy of the strategic plan. Hiring decisions will be made by the Office of the Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce.

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