Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Children's Hospital PR Internship, Fall 2011, unpaid

Communications Department

The Children's Center, a nonprofit hospital serving children with complex medical and physical disabilities, offers unpaid internships to qualified college juniors and seniors seeking a career in communications (public relations). Internships should be for academic credit and coordinated through an accredited institution of higher learning and The Children's Center communications department, in accordance with policies and procedures of the Center's human resources department. All interns are subject to the applicable employee standards of the Center, including code of conduct and dress code policies.

An intern in the Communications department will be provided an opportunity for practical experience and direct knowledge in an on-the-job situation; to provide an opportunity for the student to work with professionals and receive professional guidance; and to provide the student with a means of exploring vocational interest on a short-term basis. Exposure and/or opportunities will include working with local/regional print and broadcast journalists, preparing newsletters and social media announcements, and writing and/or editing stories for print and video materials. An emphasis will be placed on video production experience. An intern will be considered as an ambassador of the Center and may be required to represent the hospital by giving tours, making presentations or assisting with fundraising events. The intern's supervisor will be the communications and media coordinator who will evaluate the student's performance in accordance with the requirements of the student's institution of higher learning. An intern should be comfortable working in an environment which includes children with various medical and rehabilitative issues.

The Children's Center offers internships during fall, spring and summer sessions. Length of internships may vary, depending on the requirements of the college or university. A brief training session about the hospital's mission and services is required, as well as the completion of signed agreements including student observation forms, privacy policies (HIPPA), and department-related confidentiality of intellectual property that may be observed during the course of the internship. If it is determined that the student is not adequately fulfilling terms or requirements of the Center, the internship may be terminated without notice, subjecting the intern to a loss of college credit, as determined by the institution of higher learning.

Application Procedures:
Candidates must complete an application form and submit it along with a cover letter and resume. A short writing, video or portfolio example is encouraged. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. The prospective internship will participate in an in-person interview with hospital human resources and communications department leadership, if selected.

Interested applicants should mail or email a cover letter and resume to:
Travis Doussette, Communications and Media Coordinator
The Children's Center
6800 N.W. 39th Expressway
Bethany, Oklahoma 73008

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